Marblehead Pottery, Wall Pocket, Matte Gray, HTF - For Sale

Marblehead Pottery, Wall Pocket, Matte Gray, HTF
Price: $495.00
For sale I have a very nice piece of Art Pottery made by Marblehead Pottery of Marblehead, Mass. This Piece of Art Pottery Shape is called a "Wall Pocket" Vase. The Vase has somewhat a Flat back and has a round triangular shape. It stands 4 3/8" tall and is 5" wide and is 4 3/8" deep.

The Vase displays a Rich Matte Speckled Gray Glaze that is not as commonly found as the Blue. I believe that the speckling is caused by the Red Clay peeking through the Matte Gray outer Glaze. This glaze is also called "Monochrome" by the Marblehead Collector community. The inside of the Vase has a beautiful Robins Egg Blue waterproofing high Gloss interior Glaze. When you hold this Vase in your Hands you can feel the Quality and Strength of the piece.

The Vase is considered to be excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There is a Glaze separation on the back inside wall of the pocket. This is Factory and is considered insignificant. The Vase is not signed as is the case with these. They were signed with a Paper Label that simply fell off over time. Wall Pockets from Marblehead Pottery are some of the Hardest to Find. I don't believe they made many of these. In my 37+ years as a dealer I have only seen this form a few times.

Those of you who collect Marblehead Pottery and want a an excellent example do not let this one Pass you by. In my research I noticed very few of this form in this size could be found. This leads me to believe that this size and form is somewhat Rare. This would look just outstanding in or on that Stickley, Mission Style Arts and Crafts Bookcase.

This Wall Pockets books for $600-$700. This piece was made Circa 1904-1915

Marblehead Pottery was established in 1904 by Dr. Herbert J. Hall as a Studio Art Pottery in Marblehead, Massachusetts using the art and technique of ceramics manufacturing and decorating as a rehabilitation and therapeutic aid to local sanitarium patients at Hall's Devereux Mansion Sanitarium. Marblehead Pottery stopped producing Art Pottery in 1936. Marblehead Pottery was a small Pottery Company never employing more than 6 workers. Their Pottery is considered somewhat scare as compared to their Contemporaries of the day.

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