1834 Silkwork Castle Sampler - For Sale

1834 Silkwork Castle Sampler
Price: $5000.00
William IV, dated 1834 1834 Silkwork Castle Sampler. Framed in an old frame with gilt slip and glass. Stitched to linen over a wood stretcher frame with card backing and brown paper dust cover (linen glued to card). The sampler is worked in wool and silk on fine linen ground, in a variety of stitches including petit point. Meandering floral border. Colours green, cream, pale green, pink, gold, olive green, grey, magenta and brown. Verse entitled ''CONFIDENCE IN GOD'' reads ''All that spring with bounteous hand scatters o''er the smiling land> All that liberal autumn pours from her rich o''erflowing stores> These to thee my God we owe source whence all our blessing flow> And for these my soul shal raise Grateful vows and solemn praise> Should thine altered hands strain the early and the latter rain> Blast the opening bod of joy And the rising year destroy> Yet to thee my voice shall raise in grateful vows and solemn praise> And when every blessing flowers Love thee for thyself alone.''. Signed and dated ''????? Age 11 A D 1834 Work''d at Mrs Bond''s West Derby Seminary'' (name missing due to stitch loss). Wonderful and unusual set of motifs, including a castle surrounded by trees, two figures in a rowing boat on the river outside (made of paper), a cottage and church. Good. A number of holes. A few pale, patchy stains. Some stitch losses to the signature and verse. Paper boat motif is worn. Colours are all good and strong with no noticeable fading. No colour run. Stretching is slightly uneven and the sampler is slightly overframed in places. Frame showing wear and a few small chips, but structurally sound and ready to hang. 15.25ins by 25.25ins wide

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