Pr 1834 Silkwork Sister Samplers by Lucy & Mary Cotton - For Sale

Pr 1834 Silkwork Sister Samplers by Lucy & Mary Cotton
Price: $1100.00
William IV, dated 1834 Pair 1834 Silkwork Sister Samplers by Lucy & Mary Cotton. Framed in old wood frames with glass. Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with chipboard backing. The samplers are worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches. Zig zag border. Colour is black throughout. Alphabets A-Z in upper case and lower case and numbers 1-12. Verse on Mary Cotton''s sampler reads ''Study with care Politeness, that must teach> The modish forms of gesture and of speech;> In vain formality, with matron mien,> And pertness ape her with familiar grin.> They against nature for applauses strain,> Distort themselves, and give all others pain:> She moves with easy, tho; with measur''d pace,> And shews no part of study but the grace.''. Inscription reads ''To recollect a wellspent life, is to anticipate> the bliss of a future existence.''. Verse on Lucy Cotton''s sampler reads ''However in return for good, abused,> However ill or scandalously used,> In friendly actions still let''s persevere,> Lest our eyes swell with the unpity''d tear.> Since wants we once may feel, we can''t forsee,> Let not the heart be blind to misery:> Ill merit they the fortunes they possess,> Who never felt for other men''s distress.''. Inscription reads ''The veil which covers from our sight the events of> succeeding years, is woven by the hand of mercy.''. Signed and dated ''Mary Cotton Newmarket Novr 7th 1834'' and ''Lucy Cotton, Newmarket, March 3rd 1834.'' Newmarket is a town in the county of Suffolk, England. British crowns and coronets (King, Queen, Prince, Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount and Baron). Generally Good. Mary Cotton: Several small holes. Two small repairs to the inscription. Small stain to the top line of the verse. Slight discolouration of the ground in the top left half. Small stitch loss to one of the divider lines, and some of the losses in the divider lines have been re-stitched. Lucy Cotton: A few small holes. A number of stains and specks. Minor stitch loss to the upper case alphabets and smaller numbers. Colour is good and strong with no noticeable fading on both samplers. No colour run. Stretching is slightly uneven. Frames in very good condition, ready to hang. 16.75ins by 12.75ins wide

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