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Colour Sitara of Kaaba - DC.5821
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Colour Sitara of Kaaba - DC.5821, Origin: Egypt, Circa: 1767 AD to 1768 AD, Collection: Islamic Art, Style: Ottoman, Medium: Textile, Condition: Very Fine, This magnificent work is an external curtain made to cover the door of the Kaaba (Burqa), one of Islam’s holiest sites. It was commissioned in 1181 Hijrah by Sultan Selim III (1761-1808) known for his reforms of the state system as well as for his love of music, poetry, and the arts. It was the custom for whoever ruled Egypt to create over a period of one year a beautiful curtain for the door of the Kaaba in Mecca. Using gold and silver thread, the artisans quoted certain passages from the Qur’an. Each Sitara carried the monogram of the ruler who commissioned such an extraordinary work.

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