Rare Monopoly Set 1935 #7 - For Sale

Rare Monopoly Set 1935 #7
Price: $2500.00
A super rare Monopoly set which you will not easily find elsewhere.

The set features among the very earliest states of the game having a board with no prices and chance and community chest cards having no graphics. The money is of the earliest design while the 6 playing pieces are wood.

Condition is generally very good but the board has some bowing and the box is heavily frayed with some corners split. The game is essentially intact although the instructions are lost. There could be a hotel or house missing but what you see in the picture is what the game posesses.

You may find "antique" Monopoly games by the boatload but you will not come across one of these in this condition but once a blue moon. This is a connoisseur's delight.

Do not be bashful about asking for more pictures. The set can be dated to no later than August / September 1935 making it a total treasure.

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Tony Bonn
PO Box 88012
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Email : davidbonn@mindspring.com
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