A Western Asiatic Bronze Zoomorphic Vessel - DC.062 - For Sale

A Western Asiatic Bronze Zoomorphic Vessel - DC.062
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Hollow cast in the form of a bovine, standing four-square on flattened hooves, the forward flanks emphasized by raised ovals, the head facing forward, the flattened cylindrical snout ridged on the upper surface, the nostrils indented, with a slit mouth, tapering horns projecting forward and curving in at their tips, large indented eyes and small triangular ears, the vessel spout protruding from between the shoulders, the rim recessed to accommodate the now-missing lid, once secured by chains )one partially preserved) attached to side loops - (DC.062A Western Asiatic Bronze Zoomorphic Vessel - DC.062Origin: Mediterranean Circa: 1200 BC to 700 BCDimensions: 6.5" (16.5cm) wide Collection: bronze animals Style: Zoomorphic Medium: Bronze

Ancient Asian
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