Parthian Turquoise-Glazed Terracotta Amphora with Two Handles - X.0474 - For Sale

Parthian Turquoise-Glazed Terracotta Amphora with Two Handles - X.0474
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After the death of Alexander the Great, his expansive empire was divided among three of his most loyal generals, with Seleucis assuming control of the eastern portion. The Seleucid Dynasty was thereby established, following in the footsteps of the Persian, Assyrian, and Babylonian Empires, with its capitals at Antioch (in modern Syria) and Seleucia (in modern Iraq). However, as history has shown, maintaining calm and order over such a large territory, encompassing so many different cultures, proved difficult if not impossible. In 245 B.C., the Parthians revolted against the Seleucids under the leadership of Satrap Andragoras, igniting a civil war that would lead to further autonomy, despite the continued recognition of the Greek kings as their superiors. Although the Parthians had been mentioned in Assyrian text as early as the 7th Century B.C.,itwasnotuntiltheriseof Mithradates Ithatthewas Terracotta Amphorawith Two Handles - X.0474Origin: Central Asia Circa: 100 AD to 300 ADDimensions:4.50" (36.8cm) high Collection: Near Eastern Style: Parthian Medium: Glazed Terracotta

Ancient Asian
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