Appalachian Handmade White Oak Rod Woven Splint Basket Circa 1800s (NBA-438) - For Sale

Appalachian Handmade White Oak Rod Woven Splint Basket Circa 1800s (NBA-438)
Price: $350.00
DESCRIPTION: The Antique Basket perhaps as much as any other singular antique conjures up fond and nostalgic memories from the past. As far back in history we find an importance and dependency upon baskets. The old time basket makers went out of business in the early decades of our country only to be replaced by cheap factory made containers. Today Antique American Hand Made Basket are valued, collected and sough after by Antique Basket aficionados. We are pleased to have this Oak Rod Hand Made early basket from Appalachia circa 1800s for your consideration. This Antique basket is a work of labor and love in the preparation of the material for making this basket, which is indeed prodigious. One wonders what advantages such fine construction is offered over the tradition rib and flat splint. Perhaps it is more durable as the process is so very laborious as the white oak had to be pulled and made into fine oak rods for weaving the rib style basket, which is indeed one of the hardest basket styles to make. There is an identical or similar Hand Made American Basket shown on page 59 of the informative book ''Baskets and Basket Makers in Southern Appalachia" by John Rice Irwin. The Antique Basket is just gorgeous with the beautiful aged patina of the white oak and the finely carved handle with a worn mellow patina. The Antique Basket is large in size and is solid, sturdy and heavy in weight for a basket of this size. Perhaps the use of the Oak Rods is why this Antique American Handmade Basket has survived a hundred and fifty years without damage or breakage. The Antique Basket is in Excellent Condition with a beautiful nut brown patina.

MEASUREMENTS: 17 Inches Long, 15 Inches Wide, and 8 Inches High Not Including Handle

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Antique Baskets
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