Byzantine Bronze Cross - FJ.6754 - For Sale

Byzantine Bronze Cross - FJ.6754
Price: $2700.00
This Ancient Cross Has Been Set in a Modern 18 Karat Gold Pendant
Though the cross is one of the simplest of forms, it is probably the most poignant. For Christians, the cross is the most potent symbol in existence, representing the earthly suffering, spiritual liberation, resurrection, and eternal life of Jesus Christ. The fact that an instrument of death was turned into a symbol of spiritual rebirth is amazing in itself. This is especially true for the faithful, and the Byzantine age was certainly one of fervent piety and extreme fanaticism. In terms of religious expression, this lovely cross falls into the category of gentle piousness and deep devotion. Although the image of Christ does not appear on this cross, his divinity is suggested by the smaller Greek Cross at the center. This ancient shape of the cross originated from the Chi Rho, a popular monogram for Christ. Thus, this small cross is symbolic of the crucified Christ. This personal relic does not shout of pain and passion, it is instead an elegant reminder of the one event central to Christianity. Though worn publicly, it does not flaunt its creed; but proclaims the wearer is sharing the quiet joys of faith. - (FJ.6754)

Decorative Interior
Antique Bronze
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