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Price : $495.00
Very early large antique Bronze horse circa 1850s.
 Antique Bronze
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Price : $3900.00
Origin: Jerusalem Circa: 118 AD to 137 AD Collection: Roman Coin Rings Style: 18 Karat Gold Ring Hadrian spent much of his reign traveling about the Roman Empire and  More »
 Ancient Jewelry
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Price : $995.00
Fabulous Platinum Deco Earrings.
 Estate jewelry
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Arie Kimhi, Jerusalem, signed lithography 47/135.
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Price : $69.99
Item: Vintage Wooden Tablelamp Table Lamp Stand Age: Early to mid 20th century Size: Height - 12 inches (30.5 cms) Condition: Fair - some wear to varnish in  More »
 Vintage Lighting
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Price on request.A female divinity standing in samapada on a square base holding a pustaka and padma wearing a long pleated skirt wearing pendent earrings and diadem. Size:H.  More »
 Ancient Asian
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Price : $6.00
"Adjustable Necklace  This vintage necklace is adjustable and made of silver. It is in good condition and looks like it was never worn. The length is 9"" doubled  More »
 Antique and Vintage Jewelry
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Price : $1450.00
An outstanding Chinese Qing or Ching dynasty brush washer or water dropper. Outstanding quality and colors along with the modelling of the piece. Fun frog or fish with legs  More »
 Asian Antiques
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Origin: Egypt (Sinai) Circa: 1900 BC to 1100 BC Collection: Egyptian Medium: Faience Additional Information: SOLD Most ancient Egyptian beads were made of faience, a  More »
 Ancient Jewelry
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Price : $700.00
Beautiful antique and extremely well carved figure of a Japanese demon being bitten by a dog. The demon has little devil horns. His right hand is in a fist, it looks like he  More »
 Asian Decorative Arts
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