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Price : $10.00
Engravings from Frank Leslie's Illustrirte Zeitung. Black; cream. Paper. This engraved page is in German. It contains two small views of Alexandria, Egypt and advertisements  More »
 Antique Paper Items
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Price : $5.00
Cartoon from Harper's Weekly. Black; cream. Paper. This original cartoon is titled, "What A Fall Was There My Countrymen." It shows three ladies practicing their falls for  More »
 Art (paintings, prints, frames)
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Price : $600.00
In Israel, as in other ancient nations, it was customary to dedicate persons or objects to sacred use by anointing them with oil. Thus Samuel anointed Saul king, as Moses had  More »
 Ancient Near East
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Price : $1650.00
72''long x 24''deep x40''high..marble base Status: For Sale Reference#: acc9994  More »
 Misc. Antique Furniture
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Price : $220.00
Baba Nyonya wedding collection. Height: 10.5 cm / 4.1 inches Diameter: 17 cm / 6.7 inches Weight: 0.7 kg / 1.3 lb After packing: 2 kg / 4.4 lb I will ship with Registered  More »
 Asian Porcelain & Pottery
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Price : $38500.00
A rare Sheraton satinwood Lady''s work table with exceptional inlays. Having a fitted interior mirror, writing area and slide top cedarwood inserts. Supported by tapered legs  More »
 Antique Desks & Secretaries
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Price : $180.00
Tribal art statuette from the Lega tribe settled along the Lualaba River in eastern DR Congo. Lega art is exclusively focused on and associated with the BWAMI society. Each  More »
 Regional & Ethnic Antiques
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Price : $475.00
C. 1810, 7 1/2'' diameter. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. We are happy to send items on approval. ALL MERCHANDISE HAS A FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
 Antique Plates & Chargers
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Price : $125.00
A wonderful antique hard paste porcelain possibly American or British Boy in a 18th century dress blue jacket sitting on a tree stump and looks to be searching for a ship  More »
 Antique Figurines & Statues
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Price : $1395.00
A green, patinated bronze lantern. (29x10) French Ca 1890 Status: For Sale Reference#:  More »
 Antique Pendant Lights
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