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The Midwest region has many surprising antiques rich destinations to take advantage of. Michigan’s Antique Alley boasts over 900 dealers in malls and shops, plus while you visit you can enjoy the great outdoors with wonderful fishing, hiking and other outdoor livers activities. In Cincinnati you will find diverse neighborhoods with more than 100 antique shops full of treasures and many museums to visit along the way. Visit an antiques haven in Richmond, Indiana with more than 900 dealers in this locale. Let’s not forget the great town of St Louis and its historic sites. Cobblestone streets, gas lamps, antiques, shops and restaurants to enjoy on a weekend getaway.


Springfield, OH

Ever since the 1817 construction of the Erie Canal, Ohio has received a steady influx of home furnishings. Perhaps it is this history that inspired Ohioans to have an ongoing love affair with antiques. From Cincinnati to Springfield, approximately 84 miles apart, there are some wonderful antique shops. Springfield is home to an estimated 1,500 dealers, and there are more in the nearby towns of South Charleston, Harmony, Clifton, and Carlisle. When it comes to antiques shows and flea  More »


Believe it or not, Cincinnati, a city situated on the banks of the Ohio River, is a community with a love for all things antiques. Throughout the city’s culturally-rich and diverse neighborhoods, you’ll find more than 100 antique stores, filled with such treasures as American high country pieces, garden items, architectural elements, Victorian, Mission and Art Deco objects. In addition to fine shops, Cincinnati possesses the Duck Creek Antique Mall. Considered one of  More »