Fine condition Nishapur, Islamic ceramic bowl! - For Sale

Fine condition Nishapur, Islamic ceramic bowl!
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An nice ceramic bowl with fine black caligraphic inscription on creamy white glaze, dating 9th-10th. cent. A.D.

Ceramic bowl, Earthenware, engobe, underglaze slip-painted. Bowls including bold black inscriptions in the so-called kufic angular calligraphy were produced in the important ceramic centers of Nishapur in eastern Iran. The text often contains a proverb in Arabic or a series of wishes. This bowl is decorated with artistic calligraphy. The bowl represents the first revival of the traditional art due to the rise of the native Islamic dynasty of the Samanids. A nicer bowl that shows the true glory of the simple artful style that owes much to the Sassanian art and to the earlier cultures of the Iran.

Size: 226 mm. wide and c. 65 mm. high.

Condition: Superb! Original glaze on both sides, light restoration of a few breaks, but very nice ancient surfaces.

Ancient Near East
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