King Hezekiah Jar Handle Mamshit, EXCELLENT & SCARCE - For Sale

King Hezekiah Jar Handle Mamshit, EXCELLENT & SCARCE
Price: $875.00
"LAMELECH" JAR HANDLE OF KING HEZEKIAH, "MMST" 60mm x 66mm, Circa 700 B.C.E., Most letters appear! Additional photos at bottom. Type M2U, Check lmlk dot com for research about these handles. ThisSCARCER jar handle was from the city of Mamshit and is struck with thekings insignia, the words -"To the King" "MMST". Detail photos below. Theinsignia read L M L K , M M S T. On this specimen six letters are readable (of eight) Four letters are complete and two partial, which are the L M L K and the M M (of M M S T). On this die the sunscroll seal is very well struck which automatically make it difficult for the S to show, because the S is underneath it and the handle is curved. (This offstrike is one of the many signs of a genuine Hezekiah handle). The handle measures: Length = 60mm, Width = 60mm at widest. Really an EXCELLENT and harder to find Quality Biblical Jar handle. An excellent opportunity to own a precious piece of Biblical History. International customers please contact us for shipping rates.

Ancient Near East
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