Babylonian Jewish Incantation Magic Bowl 6th Cent. C.E. - For Sale

Babylonian Jewish Incantation Magic Bowl 6th Cent. C.E.
Price: $600.00
A terrocotta Incantation bowl Circa. 6th century. These bowls were put at the threshold of the residence and the formulas written therein were used to trap or drive away demons. The writing on this bowl is of unusually nice style and about as close to the modern way Torah scrolls are written as I have seen. Although much of the writing is faded there are still areas that are quite sharp. These are usually broken and often missing pieces. This one is no exception but was glued together and is complete missing no pieces. The bowl measures 15.4cm (6+ inches) diameter and 6.6 cm (2 1/2+ inches) in height. A strange but very interesting ancient Jewish artifact.

Ancient Near East
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