Rare Indus Valley bronze bowl Nal Culture, 2500 BC! - For Sale

Rare Indus Valley bronze bowl Nal Culture, 2500 BC!
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A superb and very rare bronze bowl, Indus Valley, Nal Culture, Baluchistan (NE Iran & Pakistan). c.3000 – 2500 BC

This highly decorative and artful style bronze age bowl, combines the beauty of the early Indus valley ceramic bowls with stylistic elements from early Iranian bronze age art.

The bowl was made in Balluchistan, North-Eastern Iran, which was the borderline between early Iranian culture and the culture of the Indus Valley.

The bowl is huge for period, measuring c. 128 in diameter and some 90 mm. high. Very large for an archaic bronze age bowl. The is designed with round walls, a pronounced central round foot and a flaring rim.

Condition: Nearly superb! Fully intact with no holes or repairs. A few very small hairlines to the rim and a few minor bents to the body as seen in the pictures. Exceptional exterior dark green patina, and vivid blue-green interior patina, makes it very attractive.

Ancient Near East
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