Benin Style Bronze Figure - DG.043 - For Sale

Benin Style Bronze Figure - DG.043
Price: $3000.00
This bronze figure is based upon the art from the Benin Kingdom in Nigeria. This fellow is shown in full regalia including the traditional style of dress consisting of a wrapped garment tied at the waist and no shirt, a variety of jewelery and a helmet like hat. This nobleman was an important character in the tribe and holds a large currency in his right hand and most likely some other form of currency or weight in his left hand.The arms are bent at the elbows to form 90 degree angles. His subtle expression exudes confidence and security. The face features robust lips, wide circular eyes and a broad nose. The shape of the beard is clearly defined by the artist. This quiet and calm figure is a testament to the power and strength of the Benin People. Benin Style Bronze Figure - DG.043Origin: Benin Kingdom Circa: 20 th Century ADDimensions: 6" (15.2cm) high Collection: African Art Style: Benin Medium: Bronze Condition: Fine

Ancient Near East
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