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Glazed Ewer - LO.749
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Glazed Ewer - LO.749, Origin: Central Asia, Circa: 1100 AD to 1200 AD, Dimensions: 6.75" (17.1cm) high, Collection: Islamic Art, Style: Islamic, Medium: Buff Earthenware. The globular body surmounted by a funnel- shaped neck which ends in an upright, slightly bent closed spout on one side, and a opening on the other, used for filling. The buff earthenware biscuit was coated with a turquoise-green lead glaze, stopping short of the base. Similar vessels have been discovered at several sites and not only in Afghanistan, but even at Khurasan and other parts of Central Asia. Their presently accepted date is between the early 12th to the early 13th century, definitely pre- Mongol. For a comparable example see: G. Fehervari, Ceramics of the Islamic World, 2000: no.185, p.151.

Ancient Near East
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