18th C. Santos of a Madonna in Gilt and Red Frock - For Sale

18th C. Santos of a Madonna in Gilt and Red Frock
Price: $4950.00
18th Century Santos of a Madonna Style with Gilt drape and red frock, H:17.5" W:7.5" D:4.5". Santos makers worked in the European tradition of polychrome (painted wooden) sculpture. Typically, a santero carved and sanded with the use of a locally available wood then detailed to achieve the desired contour and expression. The next step is the applied size (animal glue)and gesso (chalk in animal glue) this provides an ideal ground to achieve paint. There were times when colored bole (fine clay and glue) on top of gesso as a special preparation for the gold leafing. The analyzing of pigment types and colors were useful in the dating of Polychromed Santos. For example, if a santo with ultramarine, reds and gilt were costly to use in the Medieval times. Like Gold, its symbolozed luxury, and rich patrons frequently specified its use in commissioned works. Other rich colors that were used were vermillion and a rich red color and with the cloak in gold gilt this santos was figure of importance, and it does still maintain its original glass eyes. Historically speaking the santeros who had access to imported materials used a range of woods. The softer woods were more desirable for the fine texture and straight grain, and for the durablity and resistance to insects for the carving of the early Santos. Woods such as: Spanish cedar, Cuban Mahogany or Honduras Mahogany in addition to the local woods of that region including a varitey of pines lent itself for the carving of these early Santos. There is also we have learned that making a santo is a holy action for the maker, and, we are reminded of the importance of saints in prayers. An important factor on the hierarchy of santos places God, Christ and the Holy Spirit on the highest plane followed by the Virgin Mary, the Angels and the Saints. The relationship of the early Spanish settlers, in our history and the spiritual world emphasizes the deep feeling of family and faith. Dependant on the mercy and aid of the saints, these early settlers overcame the greatest of hardships, so their devotion to saints and santos are reflective in a strong spirtiual sense throughout history. Located in the heart of Summerland, California, Lifestyle Antiques & Interiors offers the finest high-end Antiques, Decorative Arts, and Home Furnishings on the South Coast. We feature a rich collection from Europe, specializing in Italian Furniture, French and Spanish. The elegant collection varies from antique and Murano lamps, decorative pillows, Chandeliers, Mirrors and a fine selection of home furnishings. Just 3 minutes south of Santa Barbara. For your convenience you may shop on line: www.lifestyleantiques.com .

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