Baroque Polychromed Figure of a Pope, 18th Century - For Sale

Baroque Polychromed Figure of a Pope, 18th Century
Price: $8000.00
18th Century Baroque Polychromed Decorated Figure of a Pope, the seated bearded figure adorned with papal tiara, and the hands outstretched, an orb in his left hand, raised on a stepped plinth base. H:21 3/4" W:11.5" D:9.5" Polychrome is one of the terms used to describe the use of multiple colors in one entity. A very early example of polychrome decoration was found in the Parthenon atop the Acropolis of Athens. At the time the English Victorians encountered the classical ruins the paint had completely weathered off, and so the Victorian's impression was that classical beauty was expressed only through shape and composition, lacking in robust colors. It was this impression that informed the classical revival movements. As true in the architecture of our early history is the revival and use of Polychrome paint on surfaces of the Furniture and Decorative Arts throughout history. The figure of a Pope illustrates the regal apprearance of this carving. Located just south of Santa Barbara in an antique community, the store Lifestyle Antiques with decorative arts and furnishings from Europe, specializing in Italian Furniture, French and Spanish. The elegant collection is located in the heart of Summerland, California, and offers the finest high-end Antiques, Decorative Arts, and Home Furnishings on the South Coast. We feature a rich collection which varies from Murano lamps, decorative pillows, Chandeliers, Mirrors and a fine selection of antique home furnishings. Just 3 minutes south of Santa Barbara. For your convenience you may shop on line: .

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