Egyptian Faience Tile - King Djoser's Step Pyramid - For Sale

Egyptian Faience Tile - King Djoser's Step Pyramid
Price: $900.00
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Rare faience tile from King Djoser's Step pyramid. Intact with small chip. Hieroglyph on back for place marker. This type of faience tile-decoration was invented by Imhotep, the genius architect of king Djoser (Netjri-khet) to cover some of the walls of the substructures of the Step Pyramid and the so-called " South Tomb ". The panel was reconstructed from original elements found below the Pyramid. This panel was meant to imitate curtains made of reed matting in older constructions, but used now to decorate the galleries and royal apartments surrounding Djoser's funerary chamber. It's colors are quite vibrant and well contrasted with the white stone. 6 cm.

Ancient Egyptian
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