Zep Tepi Gallery
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Zep Tepi Gallery
4677 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles , California USA
Adam Tobal
Phone : 323-522-6789
Fax : 323-522-6159
Email : AdamT@zeptepiemporium.com
Website : www.zeptepigallery.com
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Los Angeles Local and Legendary Contemporary Fine Art Gallery- Original Salvador Dali, Yaacov Agam, Larry Rivers Surrealism Pop Art and Modern Art For Sale; Ancient Egyptian Artifacts For Sale- Amulets, Statues, Votive Figures, Ushabtis, Scarabs; Ancient Jewelry For Sale; Ancient Classical Greek, Greco-Roman, Etruscan, Mycenaean, Cypriot, & Byzantine Art and Antiquities; Near Eastern, Levant, Holy Land Artifacts; Asian Art and Antiques- Han to Qing Dynasty China, Goryeo Dynasty Korea, Edo & Meiji Period Japan, Sino-Tibetan, Himalayan, Nepalese & Indian- Blue & White Underglaze Ming Porcelain, Pottery, Tomb Figures, Thangka, Furniture, Snuff Bottles, Jade Carvings, Hand-Carved Wooden Brush Pots and Statues, Netsuke, Okimono; Pre-Columbian Art For Sale- Mayan, Chimu, Moche, Nazca, Chancay Pottery Stirrup Whistling Vessels; Rare Arts & Crafts, Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, and Retro Vintage and Antique Home Furnishings, Furniture, Chairs, Tables, Movie Cameras/Projectors, Theater Seats, Display Cases, Vitrines, Decorative Art and Unique Rare Interior Design Decor by Markwick, Markham, Perigal; Bradley & Hubbard; Howes Co.; Cahill; Lalique; Patek Philippe; George III & IV Birmingham Silver Snuff Box, Local Shabby Chic Natural Wood Artisans; 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th Century Imported Antique French Architectural Supply and Architectural Salvage EXCLUSIVELY Offered At Zep Tepi- Fountains From Paris and St.Tropez, Hand-Carved 18th Century Marble and Stone Fireplaces, 19th Century Arts & Crafts Andirons, Fire Tools and Fire Screens, 17th Century Solid Iron Fire Back Plates (Backplates)/ Firebacks, Verte Anglaise Garden and Country Furniture- Tables & Chairs & Iron Mailboxes, Antique Building Supplies and Materials- Doorknobs, Antique French Brass Wine Barrel or Bathroom Kitchen Sink Faucets- Taps- Spigots, Cobblestone, Dalles de Bourgogne, 17-19th C. Terracotta (Terra Cotta) Hexagonal or Rectangular Tiles & Pavers (Loire and Provence), Antique Hardwood Flooring, Roof Tiles, Cast-Stone Cherub, Romanesque, Baroque, Rococo, and Eagle Statues. Pilgrim Flasks, Amphora, Amphoriskos, Ancient Roman Glass, Fibula, Fibulae, Celtic Brooch, Stirrup Vessel, Osiris Statuette, Isis Nursing Horus Votive Offering. Henry VIII, Stuart, Queen Anne, Georgian, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Empire, Federal, Adam, Chippendale, Victorian, and Eastlake Periods. Solid Iron, Limestone, Sandstone, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Stone, Alabaster, Marble, Blue-Bleu Turquin Marble, Onyx, Silver, Solid Gold- Gold-Plated- Gold-Filled, Hand-Carved Wood, Art Glass, Ancient Roman Glass, and MORE!
*Public Hours:
Wednesday to Friday- 11am to 5pm
Saturdays- 12pm to 7pm
*Sunday To Tuesday- By Appointment Only
~No-Pressure/No-Purchase-Required Appointments Are Available 7 Days A Week And Are Always Encouraged, Including During Public Hours, So That We Have Time To Help You Fully Explore Any Items That Might Interest You!~
The ONLY Los Angeles Gallery Offering The Finest Museum-Quality Contemporary Fine Art (Surrealism, Modern, Pop-Art, Local & World-Renowned Artists), Rare Vintage and Antique Decor (Antique Globes to Furniture to Movie Projectors and Cameras to Freemasonry Supply/Masonic & Esoteric New + 1st Edition Books, Curiosities and More!), 15th to 19th Century Imported French Antique Architectural Salvage and Supply, & 100% AUTHENTIC Ancient Art, Artifacts, and Antiquities For Sale (Including Artifacts For Sale Such As Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Greco-Roman, Near Eastern (Indus Valley, Indo-Bactrian, Gandharan, Persian, Luristan, Achaemenid), Sassanian) Levant & Holy Land, Far East/Asian (Chinese, Sino-Tibetan, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Himalayan, Nepalese), Pre-Columbian (Mayan, Teotihuacan, Chavin, Nayarit, Nazca, Chancay, Chimu, Moche, Lambayeque, Jama Coaque, +++) And Much Much More All Available In-Person At Our Brick-And-Mortar Southern California Store- The ONLY Vintage/Antique Decor, Contemporary Fine Art, AND Ancient Artifacts & Antiquities Gallery in the WORLD Open To The Public.....And Now Also Available Via Our Worldwide E-Store @ www.trocadero.com/thezeptepiemporium Check Out Our Constantly Growing E-Catalog!!!