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Loosely used to refer to the seventeenth century (1600-1699), but literally the style period from 1600-1650. Furniture of this period was characterized by vivacious carving on solid forms.

Wine glasses engraved with symbols of the Jacobites (supporters of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's claim to the throne).

In furniture, it's the European (and American) imitation of Oriental lacquering, made by using spirit and oil varnishes, in use from the late C17th. It's also a term applied to the black varnish coating on the hilt of swords, the primary purpose of which is to prevent rusting. These are often augmented by decorative use of overpainting and giltwork.

A hard fine-grained stoneware decorated with high relief medallions, developed by Wedgwood.

Term used to describe furniture made by a joiner.

A stool made with mortise-and-tenon joints (as opposed to a boarded-and-nailed stool). The most common piece of furniture in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century houses.