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Sparsely-decorated Japanese porcelain made by the Kakiemon family in the 17th century. The style was much imitated by later potters.

A fine white granite clay used in hard-paste porcelain, also known as China clay.

Rug-making centre in Southern Iran, noted for high quality products.

Rugs from central Caucasus, usually decorated with distinctive geometric designs.

Resembling the keel of a boat, it's the sharp edge frequently found on the corner of cabriole legs .

A flat woven rug with no pile.

When a piece of wood is cut on one side of with a number of deep, close-set parallel slits, the purpose of which is as to bend it. Used in the construction of rounded drawer-fronts, etc.

Fixed on the carcase either side and just above a (usually top) drawer this strip or block of wood prevents it from tipping downwards when open.

A writing desk with drawers on either side and a central recess for the user's legs.

See Finger joint .

See Braganza